Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Wallowa Lake fire protection responsibilities have been added to Joseph Fire Chief Tom Clevenger’s duties.
Directors of Wallowa Lake Fire Protection District appointed Clevenger as the district’s fire chief on Oct. 28.

The district board agreed to an initial one-year appointment with a $200 monthly stipend to cover mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses. In Joseph, the fire chief is elected annually by the city’s volunteer firefighters. Clevenger was first selected by the Joseph department in 2009. 

The board created a job description for the position of fire chief that outlines the primarily administrative nature of the job. Because the district contracts with the city of Joseph for firefighting services, Clevenger’s duties under this appointment will be primarily administrative. The board will retain budgeting and contract negotiations authority. 

“The one volunteer firefighter at the meeting was a strong supporter of our appointing Chief Clevenger,” Board President Tom Groat said.

The action was significant in that the district hadn’t had a fire chief for several years. The board’s vote to appoint Clevenger ws unanimous.

Clevenger’s biggest short-term assignment is to have the Insurance Services Office, which sets the district’s fire rating, reinstate the district fire station.

Joseph firefighters living at the lake are now responding from the station so the district can move toward the station being considered functional by the ISO and those insurance carriers that use its rating.

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